If you want to #ownyourbirth you're in the right place! The home of calm, confident and empowered birthing, for you, your partner and your baby!

Hey! Welcome to Namamaste Hypnobirthing!

Here I offer a fully unadulterated, antenatal Hypnobirthing programme  that gives you the knowledge, tools and confidence to have control and own your empowered birth you and your partner want and deserve.

Namamaste is thrilled to be offering face to face Hypnobirthing classes in Leicestershire, and surrounding areas enabling you to have the best birth possible. I can support your preparation worldwide online too! 

I offer both groups and private classes, online, in local venues and the comfort of your own home.

Our awesome Hypnobirthing course is the perfect full antenatal course for your first or subsequent pregnancies.

Go on, you deserve it!

Not sure? Sign up to our hypnobirthing taster session! 

Leicester, England

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