About Me

Hi! My name is Leanne DipHb, I am a mum of two Hypnobirth babies and PE/Dance teacher of 10 years. I'm currently enhancing my training with The Birth Uprising, soo excited to share this with you! I first became interested in hypnobirthing when I started to research birth stories when I was expecting my first baby and found how empowering hypnobirthing could be. I found a course and my husband (now a huge convert but was a massive sceptic) and I left feeling extremely confident about our birth. I found my passion, something I wanted others to feel, and so I trained in KGHypnobirthing in London in 2019 and have recently converted to the Badasses at The Birth Uprising for a much more interactive, inclusive and powerful content (but in my own way).

I am a HUGE advocate for Hypnobirthing and want to enable parents to have the birth they want, being aware of their choices through delivering a full antenatal programme.


Why choose me?

Well if you read my reviews you can see why couples choose me to help with their Hypnobirthing journey. It's bloody overwhelming, I love my job!

What do you get though?

1. A fully unadulterated and interactive hypnobirthing antenatal course, from a birth nerd and advocate for empowered birth.

2. Full 121 support throughout the course pregnancy and 4th trimester, always on the end of a text or call!

3. Research and evidenced based knowledge specific to your needs and signposting to extra material too!

4. Personable teaching, I like to get to know you and build really positive rapport so you feel super comfortable talking about anything!

5. All resources, MP3's, parent handbook, birth plan, postnatal plan, printable affirmations and more.

6. Amazing 4th trimester bonus videos, including breastfeeding, sling use and baby massage and more.